When Eahn arrived on Earth, he was met by incomprehensible pain that seeped its way into every fiber of his being. The suffering of countless souls bellowed throughout the chambers of his mind. This absolute master of The Force became consumed by a familiar yet ominous pressure. It was as if The Force was concentrated so tightly in the area surrounding this scarlet demon that it distorted reality. 

With little to no time to regain his focus, Eahn reached within his soul to pull from his higher purpose. To maintain balance. With this, he raised his lightsaber, ablaze a brilliant purple, and prepared to either fulfill his purpose or let the universe crumble into a scarlet hell. 

The Spectre of the Witch knows not friend from foe or alive from dead. All she knows and all she has become are pain and power. What stood before her was nothing more than an object lacking suffering. With an eerie flow, her body trickled upwards from the ground below her as a miasma of vibrant neon red emerged from her core. Boundless energy and the very fabric of the universe were on her side. This man before her was not the least bit significant. His end would soon come as would all others. Without dignifying Eahn with so much as a glance, the fight for the ultimate balance was about to begin.

A single tear crept slowly from the witch's eye, evaporating from the atmospheric energy before it could leave her cheek. A minute detail such as this does not escape the eyes of a Jedi. Appealing to the fleeting humanity behind the obsessed master of balance, Eahn sensed an imbalance within this creature before him. She may be the cause of the universal imbalance, but what lies deeper is an imbalance within that. Behind the witch's shadowed husk of a face was the face of a woman long lost in her own suffering. A single particle of light trapped within an infinite void of darkness. Such an imbalance rivals the imbalance of the universe he though he came here to correct. He must save this woman and restore her to her former self.

Before another neuron could fire, Eahn found himself surrounded by a torrent of emblazoned energy and his mind, body, and soul erupted with agony. This power was unreal. He was undoubtedly the master of the force in its entirety yet this surpassed even his abilities. It was as if this witch of suffering not only WAS the force, but the one who created the force and all that was and ever will be. The lifetimes that had past in Eahn's training flashed before his eyes as his vision started to go dark. Every memory he'd ever had, every moment of his hundreds of years were being infested with pain. Was this ultimate balance? When only pain and suffering remain, can all truly be balanced?


Brilliant purpose exploded from Eahn as life flooded his mind once more. A purple light like fluid swam around his body and repelled the scarlet energy. Hope. The one thing that can restore all. The only thing that can restore the universe and ultimately the woman trapped within the spectre. Eahn had become the embodiment of hope and the final battle had truly begun. Will hope restore a universe we once knew or will pain and suffering take hold until the end of time?