Join me on an adventure

Most people have a story in mind when they create a photograph, but what if I let my creativity run wild and create something that inspires a story within me? This is how these photo stories came to be. As I build the foundation of the photo, my imagination sparks my creativity as a story starts to form from the image before me. This grants me endless possibilities and outcomes of both images and stories. Join me on this adventure and see where my imagination takes us.

BROKEN - part 1 | Spectre

A witch bathed in scarlet falls victim to her own suffering. Now, nobody can hope to escape her pain as she seeks out all who know not of her agony.


Broken - part 2 | Subjugator of Balance

A man driven by his obsession with balance is met with an incomprehensible disturbance. He sacrifices lifetimes of preparation to bridge the gap between this malicious power and himself. What awaits him?


Broken - part 3 | Consuming force

When the universe mixed with death faces the master of the force, what fate lies for the rest of life within the universe?


Emissary of Light

Read the dying words of a man long lost in search of his salvation, the Emissary of Light. Is she real or a distorted fragment of a memory held in the weakening grasp of a lover soon to pass?


Deadwood Maiden

A woman finds a flame hidden in the unknown parts of a forest once cherished by her now death befallen people. Life in Eldenborough will never be the same and soon the world shall know its suffering.