When certain entities with immeasurable power come into being, it is said they send a disturbance in the force through the galaxy. So far, no such disturbances have come from outside the galaxy. If so, such a distance is impossible to travel in a lifetime at even light speed. 

This was until red tendrils of searing pain worked their way through the deepest depths of a certain Jedi’s mind. A massive disturbance in the force, the likes of which have never been felt until this moment. It was as if the universe itself was screaming in anguish from outside the observable universe. This chaos could not be left unchecked. Balance in this universe was absolute and at all costs must be obtained. 

This Jedi by the name of Eahn devoted lifetimes of research and meditation to uncover the mystery of how to reach the unreachable depths of the universe. He was a Jedi only by his insatiable desire for Balance to a degree in which many thought he was the embodiment of balance created from the universe itself. Truly a master of the force in its entirety. Using his boundless knowledge of the force, mortality was no longer a worry. His blade shone the truest of purple as the perfect balance of both light and dark were present in his mastery. 

Eahn remembered an ancient legend of a Jedi named Luke who was able to transmit a projection of himself across the galaxy and fight with a physical body. This in itself was not enough. Eahn must perfect this technique to fully transmit himself into the unknown. 

Centuries pass and countless lives across the universe are lost to this Scarlet evil plaguing the Jedi's mind. That is until he finally achieves perfection and transmits his true self to the source of the imbalance. The time for the Subjugator of Balance to restore his title after lifetimes of imbalance has come. What lies ahead is a foe unlike any other.