Some say She is the embodiment of light. A kind soul that roams the planet spreading Her golden smile to each living soul that is graced with Her presence. A soul so pure that no darkness dares attempt to break through the shimmering veil of Her brilliance. Beauty such as this is never born. It is created by divine light as it is, in and of itself, divine.

To others, She is seen as a great many things. To me, however; She is everything. I have been graced by the divines themselves with a life filled with light. Other greater men may hope to achieve money, power, and spoils of tangible value, but as a lesser man myself, I have been given the opportunity unseen to others. A life with the Emissary of Light. By Her side I live, and through the endless bounties of smiles from strangers is where I find my purpose. 

With each new lifetime, I find myself emerging hollow. The reason behind this empty feeling is never discovered within my early years, but as time flows as time does, I rediscover Her, my salvation. Lifetime after lifetime I spend in search of the Emissary and some lifetimes I am left hollow. Questioning if the frayed memories from my previous life are just a figment of my imagination or if I am indeed of sound mind. 

Despite this, I persist in my pursuit of my Emissary of Light. I am meant for Her just as her smile is meant to bring happiness and bliss to all life on this planet we call home. Some lives may be filled with an unknowing pain, but in those lives, we are reunited, the universe shines brighter and brighter.

Oh Emissary of Light, great wondrous being you are, please wait for me. I know you are real. These conflicting thoughts will soon pass, I know. I will find you soon, and together we shall spread your purity to this land. Soon … I will find you soon … wait for me …